Eco latrines for health and wealth

There was a time when Santa Bahadur Ghimire, a farmer of Pattharkot VDC in Sarlahi district, had to go to the river or jungle to relieve himself. Nowadays he uses his private eco-san toilet and produces organic pesticide and compost that increase his crop production. With the support of Oxfam and its partner Bagmati Sewa Samaj Nepal (BWS Nepal), 57 … Read More

UD Toilets and Composting Toilets in Emergency Settings

The approach of Ecological Sanitation (Ecosan) in emergency settings breaks with conventional excreta disposal options such as pit latrines or pour-flush toilets. Traditionally, Ecosan systems re-use both faeces and urine, turning them into either a soil conditioner or a fertilizer. This not only benefits peoples’ health through safe excreta disposal and by reducing environmental contamination, but also implies re-using the … Read More

Container based sanitation could solve the world’s toilet problems

Oxfam recently hosted its first International Toilet Summit, where participants were challenged to think big about one of the world’s biggest sanitation challenges: how to get a toilet into every household which currently lacks one. Container based sanitation could well be the solution as Brian McSorley, WASH Coordinator, explains. Our first ever toilet summit was organised jointly with Sanergy, a … Read More