Excreta Disposal for Physically Vulnerable People in Emergencies

All kinds of people experience a variety of physical difficulties, which can make it difficult to use standard designs of latrines. For example, elderly men and women with weak legs may struggle to squat or rise from the squatting position when using a standard latrine, and there may be nothing for a pregnant woman, or a person with a high … Read More

Can We Sell EcoSan Compost in Haiti? A Market Analysis Report

With the support of Oxfam Great Britain, SOIL conducted a market assessment of compost and fertilizer sales in Haiti with a specific focus on identifying possible markets for the sale of compost generated by EcoSan projects. Throughout the course of this study, the following market conditions were evaluated in detail:

Overcoming Social Barriers: A Journey by Women WASH Platform

Ashish Barua explains how the all female ‘Women WASH Platform’ has broken down social barriers to encourage better practice in Bangladesh. “We install latrines inside the heads of people” Rina Begum, member of Surjodoy Community Based Organisation (CBO) from Bakshigonj upazilla in the Jamalpur district, almost bombed into the discussion. “You install it inside peoples’ heads?” The audience burst out … Read More