Getting water to Syrian refugees in Zaatari during the drought season

Could you cope with just 35 litres of water, the equivalent of one 5 minute shower, a day? On World Humanitarian Day, Alaa Milbes shares the situation in Zaatari refugee camp as the summer heat reaches its height and explains how Oxfam is responding. Zaatari refugee camp today is dry and dusty, with soaring temperatures. It is home to 81,000 … Read More

My life has changed completely: crisis in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen has forced thousands of people to flee their homes, including Oxfam staff. It is pushing the country towards economic collapse and making life harder for the 16 million people already in need of humanitarian aid. Here, a Yemeni Oxfam programme officer describes how the crisis has changed his life. It is impossible not to worry about … Read More

Yemen: all we can do is help people survive

The conflict which escalated one year ago in Yemen has created one of the world’s biggest humanitarian emergencies and risks pushing millions into famine. Simone Carter, Oxfam emergency responder in Yemen, describes the daily reality of civilian suffering and the challenges of delivering a programme in a conflict zone. As much as I may not like waking in the middle … Read More

A letter from Yemen

Mark Goldring, Oxfam GB’s Chief Executive, recently visited Yemen where chronic poverty is being aggravated by war. Ten million people have insufficient food and two million have been forced to flee their homes. In this post, originally a letter to Oxfam staff, Mark reflects on the suffering he witnessed and Oxfam’s humanitarian response. Many things surprised me in Yemen last … Read More

Impact of WASH interventions during disease outbreaks in humanitarian emergencies: A systematic review protocol

The purpose of this document is to clearly describe the proposed research questions and methodology for a systematic review on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) interventions in disease outbreaks. The systematic review has a singular overarching objective in assessing the impact of emergency hygiene interventions. The primary research question will be answered through four secondary objectives that further evaluate: a) … Read More

Safer water means healthier lives in Gaza

“We have been provided with water tank, and since the good water was delivered, my daughter’s worm has vanished,” Jamila Abu Toyor, 31, from Al-Shawka area southern-east Gaza “My eldest girl was suffered every year from a worm disease.” “I used to go to my family members and my neighbours to try and find water that was safe to drink,” … Read More

Syria: “Getting enough water has become my obsession…”

Razan is a 30-year-old accountant lives with her mother in the Syrian city of Salamiyah. Racha Chamoun reports on how Oxfam is working to improve access to water for people like her. “My life is based around the need to get water. Sometimes I skip work or stay up all night, turning the domestic water pump on and off, just … Read More