Making standards practical is critical to sanitation innovation for rapidly expanding urban areas in developing countries

Trabajadores de Sanergy recogen desechos procedentes de los retretes Fresh Life en Mukuru

WASH solutions can only implemented when they work in context. In the lead up to World Toilet Day, Katie Whitehouse explains why in some cases standards may not be achievable. Container based sanitation social enterprises are pushing the boundaries in decentralised sanitation management and yet continue to be classified as an unimproved form of sanitation. There are social enterprises – … Read More

The Ladies’ Room

Humanitarian camps are dark at night. The curfew is sunset and the camp is heaving. Spilling out of their crowded tents onto the streets, people sit around dim cooking stoves talking and waving the mosquitoes away. The streets are slippery with mud, dotted with deep pools of stagnant water. Making your way to the toilet after dark is treacherous, the … Read More

The impatient optimist: Urine-tricity to light humanitarian camps

In this blog we’re introduced to two sides of the ‘Urine-tricity’ story. Firstly, we hear from Oxfam’s Head of Water and Sanitation Andy Bastable, who shares his eager observations on the project, which produces electrical power from urine. To conclude, Ioannis Ieropoulos, Professor of Bioenergy and Self-sustainable Systems at University of the West of England, maps out the history of … Read More

Making lake water safe to drink – an innovative approach to tackling fluorosis

Oxfam is working with US engineers to develop a pioneering desalination solution in order to prive safe drinking water in rural Kenya. Brian McSorley reports on the pilot, in the last of his blog posts for World Water Week. Drinking water across large areas of the East African Rift Valley, from Tanzania though Kenya and Ethiopia, contains excessive fluoride. In … Read More

Solar powered pumping at depth

Nyarugusu camp, Tanzania, 2016 Oxfam and solar partner Epicenter Africa have successfully installed one of the largest ever solar arrays in a refugee camp – proving that solar technology is now effective at pumping from a depth of 103 metres. Nyarugusu camp lies along the Tanzania-Burundi border, and houses 155,000 Burundian and Congolese refugees who have fled violence in their … Read More

Chulli Water Purifier

Using waste heat from cooking in Bangladesh Much of Bangladesh suffers from frequent flooding, coastal storm surges and devastating tropical cyclones. When disaster strikes, trying to access clean water is a huge problem for thousands of families. In rural areas the most common source of water is from open ponds. Large numbers of people do not have access to sand … Read More