Solar powered pumping at depth

Nyarugusu camp, Tanzania, 2016

Oxfam and solar partner Epicenter Africa have successfully installed one of the largest ever solar arrays in a refugee camp – proving that solar technology is now effective at pumping from a depth of 103 metres.

Nyarugusu camp lies along the Tanzania-Burundi border, and houses 155,000 Burundian and Congolese refugees who have fled violence in their own countries. The camp has three boreholes and a fourth with a surface pump powered by solar energy that is saving $34,000 annually in running costs.

Total Daily Demand (m3) from this borehole 740 m3
Average daily output from solar (m3) 440 m3
Balance to run on generator (m3) 300 m3
Number of generator running hours 4 hours
Annual Savings $34,000
Total Investment $100,000
ROI (Years) Under 3 years

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