Can We Sell EcoSan Compost in Haiti? A Market Analysis Report


With the support of Oxfam Great Britain, SOIL conducted a market assessment of compost and fertilizer sales in Haiti with a specific focus on identifying possible markets for the sale of compost generated by EcoSan projects. Throughout the course of this study, the following market conditions were evaluated in detail:

1) the prices, availability and quality of the different options for fertilizer and compost currently available in Haiti,
2) the agricultural practices of small-scale farmers,
3) the results from preliminary marketing and outreach efforts to potential bulk buyers in the government and NGO sectors,
4) social responses to the idea of using EcoSan-generated compost,
5) a cost analysis of EcoSan in order to estimate the minimum sales price necessary to fully subsidize sanitation activities with compost sales. Suggestions for expanding the market for EcoSan-generated compost in Haiti including subsidies and advocacy are then suggested.